Friday, 29 January 2016

Goetic Spirit #27 Ronove, deeper mysteries disscussed and a high level energy working.


Goetic Spirit #27 Ronove, deeper mysteries disscussed and a high level energy working.

Perhaps he is among the most overlooked of the 72 Spirits of the Ars Goetia by occultists in the Western World; the Bokors in Haiti, sorcerers whose volcanic hearts crackle with dark searing fire know have come to know better than to ignore such formidable potential. The great spirit Ronove is far and away one of the most dangerous spirits to be found in any grimore, and a spirit great prized in the tradition of Goetia magic which was born in the dark jungles of Haiti whilst the plantations of the French burned, and the screams from once foreign occupiers being served a slaver’s justice rang out in the night. 

Ronove, he is the Black Boar, the Red Tusk…. A spirit who walks in the company of the magician par excellence, Simbi Makaya, patron of the Sanpewl secret society… 
Understanding Ronove, is to understand what is means to have become human, or more accurately put, the transitional occurrence from animal to man, and more importantly what was gained and what was lost in that evolutionary step. Ronove stands in an auspicious placement between both states of higher and lower consciousness, and yet he seems to have lost nothing from the lower, instead elevating the drives and modalities of the animal into what “could” be human. He embodies the best qualities of animalistic powers in a human geared intellect, but as of yet still outside the process of domestication from either the stand point of man or animal. 

In other words Ronove is an ogre… a troll if you will… and yes you should be afraid for that is said with the same implications in which man first shuddered, with heart racing and accompanying palpitations, while uttering the word, “monster”. 

Information I gleaned from him during long trance, and medium sessions with Ronove would be validated by my God Father, that Ronove has been with humans since day one, rooting around in the dark psychic corridors of our fledging minds, as we rummaged in the dirt and the muck for signs of life and the markers of death.

Ronove says he can be traced back to the Gaulish lord of the underworld Orcus. If he is Orcus, or a powerful one time emissary of Orcus I do not know, and he is not saying. It isn’t surprising. Orcus is not a name spoken much anymore, and Ronove who is taken to devouring the fetid, rotting and refuse….it could be the name Orcus is being chewed on and near ready to be swallowed by he who is now Ronove, and once Orcus. 

Orcus was if not the God of the Gaulish Underworld, a type of divine monster of retribution, who exacted terrible punishment upon the oath breakers and cowards of Gaul society. It is said that one of the ways a Gaul could be executed for cowardice, or oath breaking, was to have a leg broken (struck by a thick wooden staff representing the God Sucellus, the same staff many oaths where originally sworn on) and tossed into a pit or ditch full of giant hungry boars who would gore and begin to eat the criminal while they still lived. Pigs eating trash, garbage, slop, etc, even of the human variety seems to be an ancient occurrence. 

Orcus was the horror experienced by being devoured by boars who awaited the coward or traitor upon death. Waiting with a heavy quarterstaff of his own, Orcus would start the criminal’s torment anew in the gloomy tunnels of the underworld; relentlessly pursuing the criminal, laming his or her limbs over and over again so that he may eat from them the sickness within their spiritual architecture until the stink of corruption was gone. Then maybe the human discarnate could pass into a new incarnation, and hopefully not incur yet another shameful life as a coward and or oath breaker. 

The pig/boar is in a paradoxical arrangement with the human. While humans it is supposed evolved from primate origins physically, Ronove postulates that pig or boar might have been the first flesh regularly consumed by early humans, and thus bonding with our DNA, expanding our brain matter, and perhaps placing us along a similar path of evolution. Pig flesh is considered extremely close to taste and texture to that of humans,(in the Congo, eating human is called eating long-pig) and there seems to a quiet acknowledgement that when we as humans heavily indulge in our more earthly delights of feeding and fucking… we are acting as pigs. That a pig is sub-human, a lowly form of what humanity ought to be. 

But for as much as humans protest a distain for pigs, they have become a staple in our lives, and for a long time a source for our very survival. Pigs can smell, and root out what laid beneath the ground. If pigs lived in an area, human knew so could they. Pigs could smell sickness in humans, and would even snout around on the area of the body where the disease was located. Pigs would eat the dying, the dead, and the filth of humans, and thereby could cut down on the spread of disease if of course humans treated pig waste and meat very, very carefully. 
Ronove performs similar functions within his place among the formulation of the 72 astral spirits of the Ars Goetia, and make no mistake… they are vital. 

To grasp what Ronove can do, and what I task him with doing not only or me, but clients, and the extremely unlucky few I have sent him after, let us take a look at what the bokors of Haiti regularly do with Ronove . 
Bokors will either collect or have brought to them by a client the defecation/excrement of a target person (the collecting of a specific person’s excrement is a task made a great deal easier in a country where plumbing is a continual issue). The bokor will then have Ronove smell it. Ronove can then telepathically give the bokor a thorough assessment of the target person’s health, both spiritually and physically. Ronove can smell weakness, and disease, what type and where it is in body or on the soul. The Bokor may then ask Ronove to eat away the affliction to heal the target person, or using his staff, apply leverage against the wound, cripple the target person’s defense and make the sickness worse. 

Those new to the world (infants) or barely clinging to life may also find their spirits easily leveraged out of the physical body by Ronove’s staff if that is what he deems necessary as an act of mercy (mercy killing), or directed to do so by a knowledgeable magician and or bokor who has the authority to make such a request. 

Notwithstanding my deeper (sometimes darker) initiatory work that I perform with Ronove, I will detail what someone new to this level of Goetic work ought to be doing with Ronove. That includes any and all current so-called Goetic “experts” save one I know of in Brazil, and pretty much the rest of anyone reading this. I am NOT being elitist. The depth of this Goetic magical tradition is staggering and one must assimilate it is terms of years. 10-12 years would prove sufficient to comfortably assume the role of master magician in respects to really having a solid experiencial base with all 72 spirits. I was with my God Father for 15 years. It should be obvious by now that this is just scratching the surface of Ronove’s functions and mysteries; by NO means complete by any stretch, this is a primer and nothing more. Next factor in 71 other spirits to develop relationships with and well it all boils down to mean this is about significantly more than just parroting evocations by candle light… 

You may approach the working form two angles.

The first (the one I recommend) is the true sorcerer, shamanic (I almost threw up a little in my mouth using the word shamanic… fuck you new agers, and light workers and 2012 twats who have butchered the word shaman and all its variants), hands on priest or priestess angle. In this approach you collect a sample of your own excrement for Ronove to examine. 

The second angle being hermetic, (I do not recommend) or as I like to think of it, the “hermetically sealed” approach. This is the more it’s “all in my head” magical approach… where you forgo collecting a sample of your own excrement for Ronove to examine. I understand the issue of psychological disgust in this working, but at some point in your life I recommend you sort out your own shit and discover why you can’t handle your own shit. 

You are going to ask Ronove to smell your shit, your excrement… in essence what you produce, what the product of your life is. You will ask him to assess your level of physical and spiritual health, and tell you if he detects any disease or weakness, curses, hexes..etc. You will then ask him to devour the refuse and infected areas of your spiritual matrix, and aid in your healing. This is a profound and deep work. You are going to come face to face with an entity that you CAN NOT lie too and will soon know you in a deeply personal way. There is a strange intimacy level that will be formed here… he will literally know what your shit smells like, and he will pull no punches in describing it to you. It is never pleasant to hear, but the opportunity to make needed and drastic changes to your life is a powerful one indeed, and that is the opportunity Ronove will provide you. 

*I am providing a non-initiate working (still powerful as fuck). You may perform the merger before this working, as it will help increase your medium abilities and prepare a good energy for Ronove to ride in on. You do not need archangels, or any other Solomonic nonsense. I will be teaching you much more active, hands on, interactive Goetic tradition from now on. I have been practicing this form of Goetic magic for almost 18 years now… if “demons” where going to carry me away kicking and screaming they would have done so LONG before now.

This working is best performed outside, with Ronove’s sigil traced in the dirt within a circle about nine (9) inches in diameter, also traced into the dirt. On the sigil in the dirt place three (3) candles; one brown, one black, and one red. If outside is out of the question, a large piece of cardboard placed on the floor, with the sigil in a circle drawn in pencil and candle holders for the candles.

Have a sample of your excrement in a brown paper bag. If you elect not to provide a sample of your own excrement then place a pair of well worn unwashed underwear in the bag. In other words…take off your panties already and place them in a bag (that is also my go to pick up line and a very effective one at that). 

Now light the candles and say 

“In the name of the Most High, the Prime Creator of All, I a servant and agent of the same do call forth the great spirit Ronove, the Black Boar, the Red Tusk to be present. I call upon your talents, and appeal to your wisdom. In exchange for your work I will feed you and place before you refreshments.
I present to you a sample of what my end result is (place the paper bag on his sigil). I ask that you smell out where I am weak, where I need strength and refinement and tell me what I can do to make myself a stronger servant and agent of the Most High.

*Wait and listen for about 30 seconds. You WILL receive a message that he has assessed your request. At this point remove the bag, and place it off to the side (you can dispose of it any way you wish after the ritual). 

Now sit and listen, and write down ALL that Ronove tells you. Settle your gaze softly on is sigil and allow yourself (as much as you can) to automatic write. If nothing comes, keep asking him to speak louder (sometimes the frequencies are off and further work must be done to attune them). If nothing happens after about 10 minutes, or the messages you get you just too bizarre, stop the process. Your mediumship abilities will need development. 

Thank Ronove. Place on the dirt (or cardboard) on top of his sigil, a baked yam or sweet potato, heavy on the butter, brown sugar and if possible molasses. Pour over that some rum, the darker the better.


“In the name of the Most High, the Prime Creator, I a servant and agent of the same do thank you great spirit Ronove, and I pay you for your work. Please eat and drink. (* Optional* offer that he has permission to eat away all your sickness, disease, bad energy, and or ill fortune ONLY. Some people are not ready for this step as it WILL produce direct spirit contact and I kid you not… the sensation of being nibbled on. You can if you wish take a piece of bread and run it over your body to collect bad energy and ill fortune and place it on top of his other offering to get an effective cleansing)Please accept the light of these candles to give you energy and light your way home when you are finished. 

If you can let the candles burn down naturally. If not snuff them out and leave your offerings in the dirt. 
Alternatively take the cardboard and all its offerings and leave in a ditch or under some bushes when you can. 

You have paid Ronove. You can now at anytime for the next month, draw his sigil on a piece of candle board, or in the dirt and light a white candle and ask him in the name of the Most High to further detail what he assessed about you. This will be for further clarifications, refinements in the earlier messages and or to practice hearing what he says. It is customary to offer him a glass of cold water on his sigil while you do this. If bubbles appear in the water… you know you are in spiritual communication for sure.

I would take seriously the recommendations and information Ronove gives you, and do your best to correct and address the weakness and personal issues Ronove assesses hold you back and hinder your life’s progress. 
Take this work seriously, as it is high level… and produce startlingly effective results. 

-Uncle Bearheart


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